Welcome to Wiltshire Deer Stalking

Here in Wiltshire we are proud to be home to some of the best Roe deer in Europe. Stalkers from all over the world look to Wiltshire in the UK for trophy Roe bucks and quality stalking.

The area also boasts a good population of Muntjac and Fallow to add to the enjoyment. Sika can also be arranged a little further afield.

Deer stalking is carried out at dawn or dusk (or both if required), usually on foot or in high seats.   We can cater for all stalkers, from the novice just starting out, to experienced medal hunters.

Wiltshire Deer Stalking aims to guide stalkers in an enjoyable yet safe experience that is both relaxing and exciting.  We aim to be successful every time, however it must be noted that due to the free range of the deer, there are no guarantees.


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