Deer Management

Despite economic and aesthetic values, deer also have a variety of negative economic impacts. They damage crops, trees, vineyards, orchards, plants, shrubs  and personal property.

With over 20 years experience in Deer Management, our stalker is able to identify analyse and deliver the best strategy needed to control Deer and Vermin.

In the first instance our expert will visit and assess the land identifying the damage caused offering professional advise and a deer management plan which can be bespoke to specific requirements.

Effective control for fields, orchards, and other large areas, can be controlled with fencing.

Cull Plans can also be put in place visiting the area on a regular basis culling necessary beasts in line with a Deer Management Plan also offering a cull report to the landowner.

High seats may need to be erected to implement control.

We have experience in working in high public areas.

We offer a discreet, professional service which is reliable, trustworthy and extremely effective which is proven by our professional references.

Qualified and Insured.